G-CASE Election Process
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G-CASE Election Process



G-CASE Vice President: The Vice President shall be a position of learning the total organization in order to move into the President position in two years. The Vice President’s term is for one year. This person will accede to the office of President-Elect the following year.


G-CASE Secretary: The Secretary serves a two-year term. The position is voted on in odd-numbered years. The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all the Executive Board meetings and all General Business Meetings. This person shall carry on correspondence as necessary regarding matters as delegated by the President.


G-CASE Treasurer: The Treasurer serves a two-year term. The position is voted on in even-numbered years. The Treasurer oversees the accurate reflection of all expenditures and revenues for presentation at meetings. The Treasurer works in collaboration with the G-CASE Executive Director.


CEC Representative: The Representative to the Georgia CEC is a two-year term and is voted on in odd-numbered years. This person shall provide oversight in the area of scholarships and represent G-CASE at all required meetings called by the Georgia Council for Exceptional Children.



G-CASE elections shall take place by electronic or written ballot to all active G-CASE members at least 30 calendar days before the Spring General Business meeting. The winners will be officially announced at this meeting. Applications for nominations will be placed in the G-CASE newsletter and will be put on the G-CASE website.