G-CASE Officials

G-CASE is organized to promote professional leadership, provide engaged membership, and promote effective leadership so that G-CASE has a unified voice promoting excellence in leaders of program for students with disabilities. Officers are elected to their positions by all G-CASE members in the Spring and lead the Executive Board in fulfilling its mission. The Executive Board is composed of these elected officials and the appointed chairpersons of standing committees. Standing Committees include Legislation, Communication, Strategic Planning, Membership/Recruitment, Professional Learning and Conferences, and Research and Innovation. Members of the Advisory Board are appointed by each GLRS district in Georgia and serve as advisors to the G-CASE President and Executive Board. The G-CASE Executive Director is selected and hired by the Executive Board.  This person supports and promotes the G-CASE organization both statewide and nationally. The responsibilities of the G-CASE Executive Director include implementing the strategic plan at the direction of the Executive and Advisory Boards of G-CASE, as well as planning all conferences and maintaining the budget through audited records of all expenditures and revenue.