G-CASE Spring Legal Conference Presentations






How to Apply.

Both parts of the application are due by Friday, April 5


PART 1. Applicant to Submit Google Form

  • Contact Information
  • Interest Statement (2-3 Paragraphs): Provide a short narrative explaining your career goals and what you hope to learn by joining the G-CASE Administrator Development Academy. 
  • Headshot

PART 2. Two Letters of Recommendation emailed to SBurbach@GAEL.org

  • One letter from your principal (if school-based) or supervisor (otherwise)
  • One letter from your special education director

Selected applicants, principals, and directors will be notified by April 19, 2024.

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Page Day on Capital Hill


 Find Your Legislator

Special Education Legislative Summit, Washington DC


Congratulations to this year's award winners!


2023 Jim Puckett GAEL/G-CASE Outstanding Educator: Dr. Damita James 




Larissa Beecher honored with the 2024 Jimmy Stokes Distinguished Service Award 



Diversification of the Special Education Leadership Workforce: A CASE Task Force Report 



G-CASE Constitution Link 


All Special Education administrators are encouraged to be active educational leaders by joining state and national professional organizations:


-Georgia Council of Administrators of Special Education (G-CASE) - $100/year (July 1 – June 30)


-Georgia Association of Educational Leaders (GAEL) - $150/year (July 1-June 30)


-Council of Exceptional Children (CEC)/Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE): $140.00 per year  (anniversary date of when CEC receives payment)


For more information about Membership, contact Sarah Burbach, G-CASE Executive Director, at sburbach@gael.org

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Congratulations Georgia-CASE: Winner of the National CASE AWARDs Program Award, 2023-2024!





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