G-CASE SELDA February 2015

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 G-CASE Fall Conference

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Spring Leadership- Graduation Counts


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G-CASE members held the second annual Gold Dome Day on at the Georgia State Capitol. 


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Georgia Council of Administrators of Special Education recognizes the following 2014 award winners:

Sue Carter- Jim Puckett GAEL Distinguished Educator Award



Debbie Keane- Herb Garrett Legislative Advocate Award


Kristy Chapman- New Director of the Year Award 



 2014 Spring Leadership Meeting:

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G-CASE wins 2015 Exemplary CASE Unit.  Congratulations!!



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Georgia is still the leading CASE Unit with 423 members as of June 30, 2013, an increase of 39 members over last year, the largest numerical membership growth in CASE.   
G-CASE would like to welcome Texas CASE (TCASE) as the newest CASE Unit with 88 members.