G-CASE Strategic Plan 2013


 Plan FY13                                                                                       6/11/2012- 6/30/2013


Goal 1-To promote membership by maintaining accurate membership records and attracting new members

             Objective 1-G-CASE will periodically inform G-CASE Members and all Special Education Directors of their membership status. 

 Action Step 1-In collaboration with GAEL, membership lists (GAEL, G-CASE, CASE, CEC) will be reviewed monthly.


 Action Step 2-Develop a set of procedures to create a solution for the membership status for special education leadership in Georgia

 Action Step 3-Develop a set of information capabilities to include website lists and email merge process to inform G-CASE members and all SpEd Directors of their membership status

 Action Step 4-Utilize a digital perception survey during Fall G-CASE to assess the new method of informing the membership and Special Education Directors of their membership     status

           Objective 2-G-CASE will increase membership.

        Action Step 1-Work collaboratively with DOE staff to encourage G-CASE membership for State level staff

 Goal 2-To provide aspiring and current leaders performance-based professional learning to build capacity and skills on current trends, issues, and best practices.

              Objective 1-G-CASE will research and schedule at least two professional opportunities using alternative delivery models and settings (webinars, drive in sessions, or non-conference) for members.

             Action Step 1-Offer two non-conference professional learning opportunities for members

             Objective 2-G-CASE will develop avenues to gather both needs assessments and post event feedback on professional learning events. This data will be used in future professional learning   planning, along with other data (state mandates, data collection, etc.).

             Action Step 1-Gather both pre-needs and post-event feedback for each professional learning event

 Action Step 2-Research and recommend at least two options of on-site professional learning session feedback tools, including costs and ease of use

             Objective 3-G-CASE will expand opportunities for increasing leadership skills of members.

             Action Step 1-Complete a plan of action that includes timelines to create leadership course

 Action Step 2-Develop and send out needs assessment survey to determine curriculum components and preferred delivery modes

 Objective 4-G-CASE will increase leadership skills of the Executive Board members through additional trainings (The Influencer, Robert's Rules of Order, eBoard, etc.).

             Action Step 1-Will investigate and recommend ways that members of Executive Board can become familiar with Robert's Rules of Order, including costs

             Action Step 2-Investigate and recommend a plan to train all Executive Board members in "The Influencer", including costs

 Action Step 3-Recommend ways to incorporate the use of eBOARD at each face-to-face Executive Board meeting

 Objective 5-G-CASE will support GaDOE in planning, implementing and reviewing SELDA trainings for new special education administrators.

             Action Step 1-Support GaDOE in planning, implementing and reviewing SELDA trainings for new special education administrators

 Action Step 2-Have an interactive presence at all SELDA meeting dates

 Action Step 3-Attend all DOE-invited planning meetings and assist in program development, as needed

 Goal 3-To educate, provide resource tools, and involve the membership to work toward G-CASE goals to impact legislative and policy action.

              Objective 1-G-CASE will increase involvement in relevant state and federal legislation, state and federal policy, and state board rules.

              Action Step 1-Draft a position paper approved by Executive Board on special education factors to consider when finalizing the CCRPI (College and Career Readiness Performance Index)

 Action Step 2-Draft a position paper on special education funding, approved by Executive Board, to present to Scott Austensen at GADOE

 Objective 2-G-CASE will establish relationships with legislative advocacy groups.

             Action Step 1-Attend weekly Gold Dome/DOE meetings during legislative session

 Action Step 2-Update and distribute legislative priorities with input from GCASE Executive Board

             Objective 3-G-CASE will establish a presence in the Georgia State Capitol with local state leaders.

             Action Step 1-Appoint an ad hoc committee to investigate the feasibility of a G-CASE "Gold Dome Day" for members to visit and lobby with state legislators