A Unified Voice for Special Education Students and Leaders Across Georgia
 G-CASE is organized to promote professional leadership, provide opportunity for study of problems common to its members, and to communicate through discussion and publications information that will develop improved services for exceptional children.
G-CASE serves the members of CASE who live and work in Georgia! Our major goal is to improve services to children with special needs. We strive to provide leadership and support to members by providing input into the policies and practices in Georgia which impact the quality of education and by providing support to the professionals who serve the students of Georgia.
Leadership of this organization includes an Executive Committee, a Board of Directors from the eighteen districts across the state and several ad-hoc members from other organizations.

G-CASE Membership

G-CASE seeks individuals for membership who are involved in the administration of special education programs at a regional, system, or building level, as well as college faculty involved in the preparation of administrators.  Current G-CASE members are encouraged to help inform fellow administrators of the benefits of joining our organization. 

Three Levels of Membership:

  • Active Membershipshall be available to members of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) and the Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE) who administer, direct, supervise, and/or coordinate a program, school, or classes of special education for exceptional children in one or more categories as a major responsibility and college faculty whose major responsibility is the professional preparation of administrators of special education. Active membership entitles the member to attend all meetings of the division to vote on all questions presented to the membership, and to serve as a committee chair.
  • Associate Membershipshall be available to those who are interested in the administration of programs or services for exceptional children, but who are not otherwise eligible for active membership. Associate members may attend all meetings of the division and receive all communications sent to the membership; however, associate members are nonvoting and may neither hold elective office, nor serve as committee chairpersons.
  • Retired Membership shall be available to a person who has retired from his/her responsibilities and is no longer eligible for active membership and shall retain all the privileges of active membership except that of holding elected office unless the person has been elected prior to the changing of status from active to retired.  A person who has served as President of G-CASE shall be awarded a retired life membership upon retirement.