G-CASE Officers

G-CASE Officers
July 2022 to July 2023

President: Cassandra Holifield

Immediate Past-President: Tris Gilland

President-Elect: Michele Harris

Vice-President: Brad Bowling

Secretary: Pam McKinnon

Treasurer: Damita James

CEC Representative: Mary Kay Berry

*Additional year added to term because of effects from Pandemic


G-CASE officers must be members in good standing of G-CASE,
CASE, and CEC at the time of nomination and election and remain so
throughout the term of office.

The G-CASE Membership votes on the following offices:

Vice-President (1 Year Term, elected each year; then moves into the position of President-Elect)

Secretary (2 Year Term; elected in odd-numbered years)
Treasurer (2 Year Term; elected in even-numbered years)
CEC Representative (2 Year Term; elected in odd-numbered years)