G-CASE Executive Board Minutes
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FY23 Executive Board Minutes- Regular Session

July 12, 2022

(G-CASE Business Meeting at Summer GAEL)


Attending: List attached.


G-CASE President Tris Gilland called the meeting to order. She introduced the Executive Board members in attendance and then asked all the G-CASE members present to introduce themselves.  Everyone had received the Agenda through email.  Jennifer Donnelly made the motion to accept the Agenda, seconded by Karen Hooker. Unanimous.

President Gilland announced that the latest approved Minutes were  on the website.  G-CASE Treasurer gave the Treasurer’s Report.  She reported that G-CASE is in good financial shape because of the professional learning we continue to provide to our members. The latest Financial Report received from GAEL is from December, so is in no way reflective of our finances today.  It does not include total income and expenses from Fall or Spring Conferences, the CSI Drive-In Conference, the Executive Board Summer Retreat, Past-President’s Dinner, the CEC Convention in Orlando, travel, or salaries.  She stated that the G-CASE Executive Director keeps all income and expenses current and designates them to the correct account for all conferences and other initiatives.  As of December 31, 2022, G-CASE had $56,727.55 in CDs.  There were no questions concerning the Financial Report.


President led off the Officers and Committee Reports.  She highlighted the success of the Spring Legal Forum, attendance at the national CASE and CEC Conferences, and the summer Executive Board Retreat.


Immediate Past-President Zabrina Cannady congratulated Jennifer Donnelly, recipient of the Jim Puckett Award for Outstanding Educational Leaders.  She also asked that members be thinking about the upcoming election for Vice-President, Secretary, and CEC Representative.


G-CASE Special Initiatives were discussed: The Special Education Administrator Development Academy, the Coordinator Skills Training, and the Georgia Dyslexia Collaborative.  


CEC Representative MaryKay Berry spoke to the group about upcoming scholarships, ambassadors to Fall Conference, and the importance of local CEC Chapters.


Professional Learning Chairs Brad Bowling and Todd Williford added to the list of PL presented as Special Initiatives by They announced that G-CASE will be hosting a one-day Drive-In Conference on “Modernizing Your Mental Health/Behavior Toolkit” in the Fall for both general and special educators.  


Communications Co-Chair Kitty Crawford spoke to the group about the new co-chair, Tania Amerson, who will edit the G-CASE quarterly newsletters, and gave links to G-CASE social media accounts.  


Legislative Co-Chair Greg McElwee announced that his Co-Chair Sean Cooper was in Washington, DC at the CASE Special Education Legislative Summit.  He thanked the group for their active advocacy support during the legislative session at both the state and national levels.  


President Gilland reported that G-CASE currently has 703 members and 228 current members of CEC and CASE.


Strategic Planning Chair Cindy Felkins shared the new G-CASE Strategic Plan, which has been placed on the website.  She reminded the group that we review the plan every year.


Policy and Procedures Chair Jimmy Pitzer reported that several changes have been made to our Program of Work to improve clarity, to include a new subcommittee for ADA, to refine committee work and members, and recommendation for the appointment of a G-CASE member to the State Advisory Board.  Amending the Constitution was also recommended so that retired G-CASE members who are returning to Administrative roles in Special Education at 49% can still retain active G-CASE membership.  This amendment will be voted on by the entire G-CASE membership at the General Business meeting at Fall Conference in November.


Executive Director Sarah Burbach shared important dates for the new fiscal/school year and provided information on the CASE Unit Report.


President Tris Gilland thanked the membership for supporting her term and “do over” year through COVID and welcome incoming President Cassandra Holifield.  Dr. Holifield shared her focus for the new year (diversity in special education leadership and improvements in Mental Health curriculum for all).  


There being no other business or discussion, Greg McElwee motioned to adjourn, seconded by Cassandra Holifield.  Unanimous.


Written by: Sarah Burbach, Executive Director