Nomination for G-CASE Officers
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Call for Nominations



G-CASE is seeking candidates for the following officer positions: Vice PresidentSecretary, or Representative to Georgia CEC . The results of the election will be announced during the Spring Conference on March 27-29, 2017, in Athens.  All newly elected officers officially begin their duties at the G-CASEExecutive Board meeting held at the Summer GAEL Conference and will be publicly recognized at the 2017 G-CASE Fall Conference.

Please consider nominating individuals who meet the qualifications for the office of Vice President, Secretary, or Representative to Georgia CEC as specified in our Constitution.


Article V – Officers / Section 1. Conditions of Office

Council officers must be members in good standing of G-CASE, CASE, and CEC at the time of nomination and election and remain so throughout the term of office.


The positions we will elect this year, and the responsibilities of those officers, follow. If you wish to nominate someone for any of these positions, please list his or her name and contact information where indicated. Nominees should be notified of your intention to nominate them in order to determine their willingness to run for office.


Vice President: The Vice President shall be a position of learning the total organization in order to move into the President position in two years. The Vice President will accede to the office of President-Elect.


Nominee for Vice President _______________________________________________


Contact Information _____________________________________________________


Secretary: The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all the meetings of the Executive Board, and all General Business Meetings. He/She shall carry on correspondence as necessary in regard to matters as delegated by the President.

Nominee for Secretary _____________________________________________________


Contact Information _______________________________________________________


Representative to Georgia CEC: The Representative to the Georgia CEC shall provide over sight in the area of scholarships. He/She shall represent G-CASE at all required meetings called by the Georgia Council for Exceptional Children. The Representative to the Georgia CEC shall have the authority to appoint an ad hoc scholarship committee to assist in selecting scholarship recipients.


Nominee for Representative to the Georgia CEC  ___________________________________


Contact Information __________________________________________________________


Please send your nominations to Allison Oxford at no later than

March 6, 2017.