Policy for Conducting G-CASE Business Online

Georgia Council of Administrators of Special Education (G-CASE)

Policy for Conducting G-CASE Business Online


Reason for Policy

G-CASE members live and work all across the state of Georgia. There are occasions when meetings need to be held, or a vote needs to be taken by members of the Executive Board and/or the membership at large at a date before the group has a scheduled meeting. G-CASE has procedures in place for calling and canceling meetings. This policy would allow for online/digital meetings and votes, as appropriate.

The recent COVID-19 virus has caused G-CASE to host meetings that require votes through digital venues instead of face-to-face meetings.

The reason for this policy is to put procedures in place for occasions when it is not feasible to conduct a called or scheduled face to face meeting, or when votes are needed to be taken between face to face meetings.


Statement of Policy

G-CASE members take their voting privileges seriously and desire to take an active role in participating in G-CASE decisions. This policy allows G-CASE Executive Board and/or full membership meetings and votes (i.e., G-CASE business) to take place online/digitally, as appropriate, between or in place of face to face called or scheduled meetings.



1. The Georgia Council of Administrators of Special Education (G-CASE) holds three scheduled Executive Board meetings per year (November, March, and June) when most of the Action Items for the entire year are voted on. If a face to face meeting is canceled, through proper cancellation causes and procedures, the group will meet via a digital venue, following all the same procedures, including Roberts Rules of Order, set forth in the G-CASE Constitution/Program of Work, as appropriate. Votes coming during the meeting will require the appropriate motion, second, and discussion and will be recorded by the Secretary in the meeting minutes.

2. The Executive Board and/or G-CASE Membership at large, are also allowed to vote by email or survey between, or in place of, face-to-face or digital meetings, as necessary. All motions will be generated from the Executive Board or the general membership through some sort of authorized G-CASE meeting. The membership will be fully apprised of the up-coming motion/vote coming out of the Executive Board Committee and will be given the opportunity to discuss/ask questions about the motion before the vote is taken. Following each vote, the results will be shared with the members.

3. A timeline for completion of all voting will be stated to the voters.

4. The G-CASE President will have the authorization to determine how and when votes will be taken and, with the Executive Director, will communicate this information to the membership.

5. It is the responsibility of the G-CASE Parliamentarian to ensure that correct Parliamentary procedures are used during Online/digital meetings and voting.

6. It is the responsibility of the G-CASE secretary to record all motions, seconds, and voting results.

7. It is the responsibility of the G-CASE Executive Director to share the voting results with the membership.