Georgia Council of Administrators of Special Education Distribution Policy

Georgia Council of Administrators of Special Education

Distribution Policy


Reason for Policy

Each year G-CASE receives several requests to forward flyers and information about conferences presented by other agencies and GAEL affiliates to our members. A policy on sharing our list of G-CASE members is needed.The purpose of this policy is to describe the appropriate use of G-CASE member email distribution lists. By allowing only authorized information from approved sources to be shared via G-CASE member distribution lists, G-CASE limits the risk of distribution of inappropriate or excessive email messages to members.  This policy allows for only sanctioned, quality information to be distributed under the G-CASE designation and only by authorized G-CASE personnel.*

Statement of Policy

Acceptable Use:

Use of distribution lists to G-CASE members should only be used when the message/information is relevant to all members of the distribution list and directly relates to carrying out the mission of G-CASE.

Examples of Acceptable Use:

·         Surveys/Special Announcements/Conference flyers from CASE, GAEL, GAEL affiliates, and the GaDOE

·         Conference flyers from known sources

    • If the source is unknown, due diligence will be conducted before approval
    • Conferences/Flyers must be from non-profit agencies and institutions; no commercial information will be sent to G-CASE members

·         Surveys/feedback from individuals working on educational dissertations at Georgia colleges and universities

    • If the college/university is from out of state, the President of G-CASE will decide if sharing the distribution list is warranted

·         Special Education Leadership Vacancy Announcements for Georgia schools and non-profit agencies




1. The G-CASE Executive Director will distribute requested information that meets the Examples

     of Acceptable Use detailed above, after informing the G-CASE President. Any other requested

     use will warrant approval from the G-CASE President before being shared with the G-CASE  



2.   Distribution email lists will be shared each year before Fall Conference with commercial vendors who

     meet specific qualifications as part of the Exhibitor Package Incentive.*