2017 G-CASE Fall Drive-In Agenda

Draft Agenda


8:30 AM       Sign-In Registration, Complete Pre-Survey, Pick up Training Materials

9:00 AM       Welcome, Introduction

                   Celebrations – Critical Functions Tool

                   Meeting Agenda and Standards Review


                             The LEA’s “Meeting Process Leader” Framework and Working Definition

                                    Legal Framework and Complimentary Functions

                                    Defining the LEA Representative and Who Can Serve

                                    Critical Functions Tool – “What I Need to Know”

                                    LEA’s Role and Responsibilities and Other Team Members


10:15 AM     Morning Break

10:30 AM     Defining:

                             Effective IEP Team Characteristics

                             Roles and Responsibilities Activity


Making it Work:

                             The Importance of Preparation and Tools

                             Preparation and Tools to Use

                             Preparation vs “Predetermination”

                             Consensus Building:  Why, What, How?

                             IEP Meeting Demonstration

                             Intervention Strategies and Tools


12:00 PM     Working Lunch – Assignment






12:45 PM     Making It Work:

                             Agenda and Ground Rules Activity

                             Testing Assumptions


                             Review of Other Important Tools to Assist with Meeting Process


2:15 PM       Afternoon Break


2:30 PM       Practicing:

                             Legal “CAT Moments” requiring LEA Action- Keeping the Focus

                             Difficult Conversation Starters and “CAT Moments”

                             Brief Scenario Studies with Presenting, Debriefing and Coaching    


3:30 PM           Summarizing / Closing

                                    Ensure all “Parking Lot” Questions have been addressed

                                    Complete Post-Survey/ Evaluation Forms