Theodore Smith Scholarship Form
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Theodore Smith Scholarship Form

Georgia Council of Administrators of Special Education

Nominations for the 2017 Theodore Smith Scholarship Now Open


Theodore Smith devoted his life to education as a teacher and administrator with more than 50 years of service.  This award allows Special Education teachers or Special Education paraprofessionals to continue the pursuit of excellence with two scholarships of $1000 each.  In addition to the $1000 for higher education, paraprofessionals who are not CEC members will receive a one-year free CEC membership.



·         Teachers must be a current CEC member, Paraprofessionals are exempt from this requirement.

·         Must be pursuing a higher degree in special education, a bachelors degree in special education (paraprofessionals) or added certification to meet the standards for highly qualified in special education.

·         Must be currently employed in a special education teaching position or as a special education paraprofessional with one or more years of experience and have a desire to remain in the profession of education of students with special needs.



·         Recipients will provide documentation of how the scholarship will be dispensed.


·         Complete application form

·         Must include one letter of recommendation from a teacher or administrator that can address your team spirit and teaching skills

·         The letter must include an endorsement by a current G-CASE member

·         Documentation of acceptance into a degree program within the state of Georgia

·         Copy of most recent transcript or grade report

·         Completed application must be postmarked by February 28, 2017

·         Awards will be made at the GCASE Spring Conference

·         If you use Google forms to send in your application please make sure you send in all other required documentation as well


The application, letter of recommendation and school documentation may be submitted by


Google forms:


email, regular mail or fax to:


Dr. MaryKay Berry, Director                        Fax:  (706) 865-5290

Department of Student Services

White County School System                       Phone: (706) 865-2315       

136 Warriors Path

Cleveland, GA 30528                                     Email:



2017 Theodore Smith Scholarship Application


Name: _________________________________________________________________________________________

Street address: _______________________________________________________________________________

City: __________________________________________State: _______________ Zip Code: _______________

Email: ___________________________________________________ Work Phone: ______________________

Cell Phone: __________________________________ Home Phone: _________________________________

CEC Membership Number: ______________________ Years of SPED Experience: ____________


Answer the statements below. (Use additional space if needed.)


Please list the information related to professional development, teaching, and additional examples reflective of your history with implementing the special education learning process.








I would like this scholarship because:







Please list your contributions to the improved services for students with special needs within the last school year (committee work, workshops, conferences, etc.):







I have _____ have not _____ received this scholarship before.



Thank you for applying and for all you do for students with disabilities.

Completed applications must be postmarked by February 28, 2017

Awards will be made at the GCASE Spring Conference